In line with regulations, TRANIDOM Services has all the necessary amenities for pet related activities.

- Boarding for cats, dogs, birds, and small animals.

- Pet care at home

- Dog Walking


- Animal Taxi

Declaration of activity with the Department of Veterinary Services (DDPV) of Morbihan.

Certificate of competence regarding pet related activities No. 56392.

Evidence of competence to transport goods under 3.5Ton, issued by ERD.

Approved for the transport of live animals (waiting registration number)

Website: www.tranidomservices.fr

E-mail: contact@tranidomservices.fr



Owner: Bruno Joly

The current rates are available on TRANIDOM Services website.

TRANIDOM Sevices is insured with AVIVA for its buildings, its operations, professional liability, as well as for the transportation of pets.

BOARDING CATTERY Admission requirements:

The reservation will be confirmed following receipt of the registration form and a cheque for the deposit of 30% of the total cost of stay. 

The admission and discharge date and time must be agreed by prior arrangement.

For your cat to be admitted, we will ask you to give us the health record as well as your pet's identification card.

In the event of a cancellation made with less than 48 hours’ notice for short stays (less than 15 days), the deposit paid upon reservation will not be refunded. For stays longer than 15 days, the deposit will not be refunded if the notice of cancellation given is less than three weeks before the admission date.
Should the owner collect the animal before the date agreed when booking, the remaining days are still payable, i.e. the owner agrees to pay for the full period of the stay, there is no entitlement to a refund for any days lost.

The personal affairs of your cat will not be accepted by the board  to avoid any confrontations between  its congeners.

If the animal cannot be collected by the owner at the date agreed in the initial contract, the owner agrees to let us know. Failure to do so means that, eight days after the contract for care expires, we would be forced to entrust the animal to a humane society (SPA).

In such an event all costs incurred will be the responsibility of the pet owner. Payment must be made in the month following the cat’s admission to the SPA.

The cattery is open all year round. 

The cattery is attached to our own house with a connecting door. It consists of a large room of 32m2, which is divided into7 single rooms plus a play room, insulated and tailored to meet their needs.

The cattery is air conditioned in summer and heated in winter so that your pet will always feel comfortable.

Cats will only be admitted who are identified by tattoo or microchip, no exceptions will be made. 

We will keep the identification card during the cat’s stay.


Cats will only be admitted with up to date vaccinations against:

- Typhus, Corzsa/Cat Flu, Rage/Rabies  (dated  less than a year but more than 15 days)

- Leukemia (dated  less than a year but more than 15 days)



The rooms are cleaned and disinfected every day and all benefit from   bactericidal, fungicide and pesticide treatments.

Fresh litter is provided every morning and evening. The water is changed twice a day.


Because all cats vary we have chosen to provide a high quality dry food, premium or branded wet food.

However should your cat need a specific diet for health reasons you may supply your own food, but please note that there will be no deduction of fees.

 Uncastrated cats and cats in heat

For reasons of hygiene, cleanliness and with regard to fellow residents, uncastrated cats and cats in heat are only admitted to the cattery if the designated room at the back of the cattery is available.

Ill Health

We will provide appropriate care and give your pet its medication, as prescribed by your vet.

If necessary we will consult your veterinarian first.

If your pet becomes ill whilst staying at the cattery, the owner gives us the right to obtain the necessary care from the cattery’s veterinarian. 

Expenses of such care must be reimbursed by the owner of the animal upon presentation of receipts from the vet.


Conditions of service

The pet owner agrees to provide the transport services TRANIDOM the health record of each animal.

For any animal transport request, the customer agrees to pay a flat rate for the care package plus a price agreed when booking per kilometer. Price calculated will include  return distance to base.


Pet sitting

 Conditions of service

For any home care or dog walking, the pet owner agrees to provide services TRANIDOM with the up to date vaccination record of each animal. 

Geographical area

This service is available for businesses or private individuals within defined zones 1, 2 and 3 around Tranidom Services base. 

However, this service may be available to customers outside these areas after a feasibility study and a personalised quote.

Pre-visit and key collection

The initial provision of pet sitting will be subject to a preliminary visit to the client's home in the presence of the animals to be looked after. 

There will be no charge for this visit if it is followed by a service request of € 20 or if it takes place within a radius of 15 km from the headquarters; if not a mileage allowance will be charged to cover the distance to and from the head office.

The collection of keys is free if it occurs at the time of pre-visit; otherwise travel expenses will be charged. 

When the client requests the same service again from TRANIDOM Services a further pre-visit will not be necessary.

 With respect to: 

- Care and animal  walking,

- Home visits,

A log for all home services will be completed stating the date and time of the visits, a description of  the services provided and on the content of the visit. 

This document will also serve as justification for further billing in case the number of hours actually performed and the number of planned hours were to be different.

Duration of interventions schedules

Home visits will last for a minimum of 15 minutes with a maximum duration of 3 hours. 

These services can be provided every day, all year round, from 7:30 until 20:30.


The relevant court for any dispute is the one with which Tranidom Services is registered. 


Payment can be made by cheque, bank transfer or cash. 

For EMERGENCY transport, payment must be made in cash. 

Refusal of payment by the customer's bank will result in an invoice for any bank charges Tranidom Services have had to bear because of this rejection of payment.


TRANIDOM Services is committed to:


- fulfilling in full the services as agreed in the service request, except in cases of  “force majeure“.

 - ensuring that its services are compliant with all safety standards.




 Déclaration installation classée


Certificat de capacité

n° 56-392



Autorisation de transport d'animaux vivants  





SIRET:  825 195 142 00013




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