It is only following specific training in France that you can be qualified, professionally to transport live animals.


Everyone cannot claim to be an Animal Carrier because there are  rules to be followed in respect of cages,, authorization of Veterinary Services,  proper training , and be correctly registered. Failure to comply can result in a heavy fine in case of accidents and there would be no  legal remedy  if your pet dies  Nowadays, it is difficult to take a taxi or public transport with an animal. TRANIDOM Services solves this problem .

TRANIDOM Services offers to transport your pet to or from the place of your choice. The vehicle is approved by the veterinary services of Morbihan; it is specially equipped for the comfort of your pet.

Description of the  vehicle  :

- Vehicle ventilated at at an appropriate temperature according to the season ,

- Transport crates designed for the wellbeing of your pet,

- Disinfected after each use

- Ramp to the vehicle for easy access for pets with reduced mobility,

- Chip reader,

- Various accessories ...

and not forgetting :

- A place for the passenger.



Who can be carried ?

- Dogs (except dogs of 1st and 2nd categories )
- Cats
- Small pets 



Why call the Animal Taxi  ?

- You do not have a car or no license or simply the vehicle is not suitable for the transport of pets.
- Lack of time ,
- You have bought a breeding animal, you will want to carry it safely,
- Carry your vying for a projection and through new technologies bring you proof of mating,
House moves
- Appointments for pet grooming, taking your pet for boarding, to a refuge or for vet appointments or place of holiday and any other destination

- In the event of the death of your pet we will offer to take charge and give you our support

- Pour le décès de votre compagnon nous vous proposons sa prise en charge et notre soutien.

When and where ?

In cases of emergency we are available 7 days a week 24 hours a day….. Illness or an accident including all night or Bank Holidays. In all other cases we are available Monday to Saturday 07.30 to 20.30hrs. This service is available all year round for local or regional journeys of less than 4 hours. Nationally transport is available but not in school holidays and is subject to our availability.  


Benefits of TRANIDOM Services ?

I commit to  :

- placing your pet in the transport cage
- ensure support of your pet to and from your home irrespective of the availability of a lift for homes above the ground floor


How to access TRANIDOM Services ?

To get a quote or an appointment, you can contact us :

- By phone at

- By mail:

- Through our website see: Contact

We promise to send you a quote within 48 hours.

Upon receipt of the contract document signed and approved, the Taxi service will be provided at  the location, date and time of arrival as agreed .


Animal Taxi fare

The following charges will apply for each journey with a minimum charge of € 15                 requested :


  Forfait de prise en charge TTC   
Journey / Cat €6
Journey / Dog €8
The mileage rate is € 0.80 per kilometre travelled (The route is calculated from Tranidom Services head office and return) .
All additional costs will be charged extra (parking fees, highway tolls etc ...)
Grooming costs, veterinary and other services not related to TRANIDOM, shall be paid by the owner of the animal.
Accompanying your pet is free on booking.
Any waiting time will be charged at the net hourly rate of € 14.
For longer trips, a quote will be sent within 48 hours. This service is subject to availability .
You can calculate the distance using the Location finder on our website.


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