(within a 30 kms radius around the headquarters beyond this request a personal quote)

Why have home care visit for your pets?  


Home visit is an alternative to Boarding.
The animal stays at home to avoid stress and anxiety.


On what occasions can you use this service ? 

    - Weekends away,
    - Absence for your holidays,
    - Business trips,
    - Hospitalization,
    - Your cat/dog isn’t vaccinated
    - A family event,
    - You want an evening out without worrying about the well-being of your pet
    - You haven’t got the time ...



What happens before you signing the contract ?

A preliminary visit to your home to understand the behavior of your pet and its environment. Through this appointment I will learn to know your animal, its habits, fears.


What serice can I do for you ?

TRANIDOM Services performs all the care necessary care for the animal: 

Maintenance of litter trays, cleaning kennels, feeding, letting thedogs out, brushing, any required medication, and of course all the affection and stroking.

With regard to  hygiene, and feeding  all equipment necessary for the maintenance of animals (litter, grooming items, cleaning equipment, foodstuffs ...), are provided by the owners.

The extra benefits of the home care service:
    - Closing of shutters,
    - Checking the post,
    - Watering plants,
    - Putting heating on prior to your return ...


How to calculate the cost of home care for your pet ?

You will find below a map with defined zones from 1 to 3 in order to locate your distance from Tranidom Services. When you have found your zone you can calculate your quote.

Example: You go on vacation, you live in Noyal-Pontivy (Zone 2), you have a dog and a cat to keep for a week from Saturday morning to Friday night at home, you want TRANIDOM Home Care Services twice a day for half an hour (morning and evening).
The cost will be: 6 days during the week and one Sunday.
6 days x (2 times ½ hour) is 6 x (10 € x  2) = € 120
Sunday 1 x (2 x ½ hour) or 1 x (15 x2) = 30
Total: (120 + 30 ) = 150


If you are having problems calculating the amount of your service or you live outside the zones, please to contact me through via email or the contact form on the web site.

I will answer all your questions andI will send you, at your request, a personalized quote.







(Exemples : Rohan,Bréhan, Crédin, Gueltas, St Samson, St Maudan....)

Tarif  pour une

Visite - TTC

  1/4 d'heure       

 1/2 heure    3/4 d'heure       1 heure      Au delà / heure      

Lundi au Samedi 

(7h30 à 20h) 

7€  9€ 13€ 16€  14€


9€ 13€ 17€ 19€


Jours fériés       11€ 15€ 20€ 23€   21€




 (Exemples : Loudéac, St Barnabé, La Chèze, Moustoir-Remungol, Noyal-Pontivy...) 

Tarif pour une

visite -  TTC

                          1/2 heure    3/4 d'heure      1 heure      Au delà / heure      

Lundi au Samedi    

(7h30 à 20h)     

  10€ 15€ 18€  14€
Dimanche    15€ 19€ 23€ 18€
Jours fériés     18€   23€ 27€  21€




(Exemples : Pontivy, Pluméliau, Locminé, Josselin, La Trinité-Porhoët, La Prénessaye, Trévé, St Caradec...)

Tarif pour une

visite -  TTC

                      1/2 heure    3/4 d'heure      1 heure     Au delà / heure 

Lundi au Samedi  

(7h30 à 20h)

  16€ 18€   21€  15€
Dimanche   20€ 23€ 27€ 19€
Jours fériés   24€ 27€ 30€ 23€