Crédin Cattery


So you can have peace of mind on your holidays


For owners living in zones 1,2 or 3 and stays longer than 3 weeks we can provide transport to collect and return your pet to the Cattery


Rates applicable from 01.03.2015


Rates TTC
Cattery with WEBCAM
 (inclusive of food)



Price per cat per day




1 cat

10€  10,50€ 11€

 2 cats

9,50€ 10€ 10,50€
   3 cats   8€ 9€ 9,50€



 For longer stays (1 month or more): contact us



Should your pet be taking any medication, eg: tablets: 1 € per day / cat
Eye Care: 1 € per day / cat



The stay must be paid in full on the day of your cat’s admission.

The admission day will be charged regardless of the time of arrival. The release date will not be charged if the departure occurs before 10am.



Périodes de LOW SEASON :

  • Outside school holidays relevant to schools in the RENNES zone

Périodes de MID SEASON :

  • All Saints of the holiday Saturday,october 17, 2015 to monday,november 2, 2015.
  • Winter holidays from Saturday, February 6, 2016 au monday, February 22, 2016.
  • Spring Holiday from Saturday, April 2, 2016, Monday, April 18, 2016.

Périodes de HIGH SEASON

  • Christmas vacation on Saturday,19th December 2015 to monday, january 4, 2016.
  • Summertime holidays from July 1 to August 31, 2016

Opening Hours

We are open all year. 

If you want to enjoy a weekend, a week or even more away, TRANIDOM Services is the solution for the care of your pet.

Day visits to the Cattery during the summer are by appointment:


11h00-13h00 et 17h00-19h00


11h00-13h00 et 17h00-19h00


11h00-13h00 et 17h00-19h00


11h00-13h00 et 17h00-19h00


11h00-13h00 et 17h00-19h00


11h00-13h00 et 16h00-19h00

 Sunday is reserved for us to deal exclusively with your pet.

The Cattery is closed during public holidays.


PLEASE NOTE: For all stays of more than 8 days, the booking will will be confirmed on receipt of a deposit of 30% . For bookings in HIGH season the deposit must be received 3 weeks prior to your cats admission. Failure to do so means that the place may be assigned to another cat.



As space is limited during school holidays, it is best to book your cats stay with us as soon as soon as you know your Holiday dates


Animal confort

Cats receive attention and care in a family atmosphere.


The cattery consists of a large room dedicated to them within our own family home. We are in constant contact with them which allows us to establish a relationship of trust and confidence from the first day of their arrival.
The cats enjoy the warmth of our home which is heated during winter season and maintained at an ambient temperature during the summer months. There is a good outer insulation.


Animal care

All animals are fed with high-quality food.
Care will be performed at the request of owners: brushing etc ...



Thorough cleaning is done daily.



We will monitor the health of your pet.

- Give prescribed medication if your pet is currently being treated (by the veterinarian)
- If there is a need we will take an animal to see the Cattery’s regular veterinarian or the closest on-call vet in an emergency.



As cats are solitary animals, we know to respect its need for tranquility and rest.



We respond to all requests for information on all of the services provided. For certain services, a personalized study will be conducted to best meet your needs.



We are committed to respecting our owners and four-legged friends.



Being at your disposal for all your questions and to give the benefit of our skills and experience.



All services will be preceded by a contract signed by both parties to formalize our mutual commitment.



We are committed to working in conjunction with the Veterinary Services and comply with regulations relating to animals.



We hold civil and professional liability insurance which  is underwritten by Aviva company.